We offer steering wheel trimmings in several options:

Steering wheel trimmed with the original leather and thread.
Similar to the original
Steering wheel trimmed with leather as close to the original as possible and thread of the same colour.
The client selects the type of leather and colours of thread.
The steering wheel is shaped on request of the customer and trimmed according to individual requirements.

We have a wide range of leather and thread in different colours. We offer various modifications, which you can view in our gallery.

Our offer includes most steering wheels for passenger cars trimmed with the most popular designs and more.

We invite larger and smaller companies and retail clients to cooperation with our company. We look forward to answering all questions about cooperation with us and we will gladly provide advice on car interior modifications.

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AUTO-KIER - Professional bordering of steering wheels of passenger cars and lorries and elements of upholstery, profiling of steering wheels.